DR-202: Specifications

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Max. Polyphony 24 voices

256 drum and bass sounds

Number of Instuments: 256 (Drum 207, Bass 49)

Drum Kits: Preset 128, User 64

Kit Edit Parameters: Level, Pitch, Pan Cutoff, Resonance, Decay, Reverb Send Level, Flanger Send Level.

Rhythm Patterns: Preset 400, User 100

Rhythm Pattern Styles: Hip Hop 1,2,3, Jungle, Drum N'
Bass, Techno, House, Acid Jazz, Latin, Rock, Other,

3 tracks
Max note storage 14,000
Savable Songs 20 (Incl. 1 Demo song).
Resolution 96 TPQN
Tempo 40.0 to 250.0 BPM

Effects Reverb (8types) / Delays (2types), Flanger (4types).

Control Knobs Volume, Low, Instrument Select, Cutoff, Resonance, Decay, Flanger, Value Dial.

Display 16 character, 2-Line LCD

Connectors Line Out (RCA:L,R), Phones, Footswitch (Start/Stop), MIDI(In,Out/Thru), DC In jack.

PowerSupply DC 9v Dry Batteries,
AC Adapter Current Draw 200 mA

Dimensions 258 (W) x 221 (D) x 85 (H) mm /10-3/16x 8-3/4 x3-3/8 in.

Weight /1.1kg/2lbs7oz.

Batteries: Dry Battery x 6 AA type

AC Adaptor PSA-120
Footswitch BOSS FS-5U