ME-20B: Selecting Patches

Tags: effects,sounds,me-20b
Patches are stored in the ME-20B in ten "banks,"
numbered 1-10. Each bank holds three patches. To
load a patch, you first select the bank that contains
the patch, and then you select the patch. Use the
following procedure to load Patch 5-3 (Bank 5, Patch
3) as an example:

1. Press the COMP 2 and DELAY 3 pedals simultaneously so the current Bank number shows in the display.

2. Press the BANK up or down button so the number "5" flashes in the display. This tells you that Bank 5 is selected and the ME-20B is waiting for you to choose the desired patch in Bank 5.

3. Now step on Pedal 3. The "5" stops flashing and Patch 5-3 is loaded. Using the same procedure, try out some of the other patches in the ME-20B.

Tip: You can also select different banks with the SFX 1 and COMP 2 pedals. To do so, press and hold the COMP 2 pedal for 2 seconds until the pedal indicators are flashing, and then press the SFX 1 or COMP 2 pedal to select a desired bank. Once you've chosen the Bank, press the DELAY 3 pedal, and then press one of the three pedals to select the desired patch.