XV-2020: Editing and Writing a Performance

Tags: save,write,store,xv-2020
Use the following procedure to edit and write a Performance to the User Memory:

1. Press the VALUE knob several times so that PERFORM is lit by itself.

2. Turn the VALUE knob and turn the CATEGORY/BANK knob to select a Performance for editing.

3. Turn the PART/PATCH RX CH knob to select a PART to be edited. Both PATCH and PERFORM will be lit.

NOTE: When both PATCH and PERFORM are lit, edits can be made to the Performance.

4. When you are finished editing the Performance, press the VALUE knob one time so that PERFORM is lit by itself.

5. Press and hold VOLUME, then press VALUE.

6. Turn CATEGORY/BANK to select PIANO to enter the UTILITY mode.

7. Turn VALUE to select "Wrt" (write) in the display.

8. Press VALUE enter the WRITE mode.

9. Turn VALUE to select a USER location for storing the edited Performance.

10. Press VALUE to display a flashing "Sur." (Are you sure?)

11. Press VALUE again to confirm your selection and write the Performance to memory.

NOTE: The display icons will flash momentarily while the write procedure is completed.

12. Press and hold VOLUME, then press VALUE to exit.