XP-60, XP-80: Using the Arpeggiator

Tags: xp-80,xp-60
There are 33 Arpeggiator styles that can be edited by adjusting parameters such
as: Accent Rate, Shuffle Rate, Octave Range, Key Velocity, and Tempo.
Experiment with the different STYLES and MOTIF to create unique cyclic
textures. Use the following procedure to select and edit an arpeggio style:

1) Press PATCH so it is lit.
2) Use the VALUE dial to select the desired Patch.
3) Press ARPEGGIO in the KEY EFFECTS section so it is lit.
4) Press F5 "Detail."
5) Use the VALUE dial to select a Style.
6) CURSOR to "MOTIF" and use the VALUE dial to select the note order.
7) Set the remaining parameters as desired.
8) Press and hold a few notes on the keyboard to listen to the edited style.