VS-700: SYMPTOM: VS-700 Editor Software in Sonar is Unresponsive

Tags: control,software,sonar,editor,unresponsive

If the VS-700 Editor software within Sonar is unresponsive and does not control the parameters of the VS-700 hardware, create a new control surface using the following instructions:

  1. In Sonar, click on Edit and then “Preferences…”

  2. Under MIDI, click on “Devices”.

  3. Select “CONSOLE (VS-700)” for both Inputs and Outputs so that there is a checkmark in each box. Be sure that “IO (VS-700)” is not selected and there is not a checkmark in either box.

  4. Click Apply and then click on OK..

  5. Under MIDI, click on “Control Surfaces”.

  6. In the Controller/Surface section, click on any control surface so that it is highlighted and then click on the red X (“Delete Selected Controller/Surface”) button towards the top right to delete it.

  7. Click on the yellow star (“Add new Controller/Surface”) button on the top right.

  8. Make the following settings:
    Controller/Surface: VS-700
    Input Port: CONSOLE (VS-700)
    Output Port: CONSOLE (VS-700)

  9. Click on OK in the Controller/Surface Settings window.

  10. Click Apply in the Preferences windows and then click Close.