XV-5080: Sample Loading

Tags: xv-5080
With properly installed compatible SIMMS memory, samples can be loaded into the
XV-5080 from an external SCSI drive.
To load a sample patch from a SCSI drive, use the following procedure:

1. Press PATCH.
2. Press DISK.
3. Press F1 (Load).
4. Press F1 (Drive).
5. Rotate the VALUE to select the SCSI drive that contains the samples.
6. Press F6 (Ok).
7. Use the UP and DOWN CURSOR buttons to select PATCH.
8. Press the RIGHT CURSOR button to open the Patch folder.
9. Use the UP and DOWN CURSOR buttons to highlight the Patch that you wish to
10. Press F5 (MARK) to Mark the Patch.
11. Press F6 (Select).
12. Press F6 (Load).
13. Rotate the VALUE DIAL to select a destination for the Patch.
14. Press F6 (OK).
15. Press F6 (OK).
16. Press PATCH.
17. Rotate the VALUE dial to the User location of the loaded Patch.

Note: To Load in a second Patch,see Sample Appending