SP-555: How Do I Sample?

Tags: sampling,sp-555
1. Press MIC if you're sampling from a microphone or press LINE IN if you're sampling from an external CD player, DVD player, keyboard, groovebox, or some other line-level device.
2. Make sound on the device connected to the SP-555's inputs (if you're using a mic, sing into the mic).
3. Adjust the MIC LEVEL knob (or LINE LEVEL knob, if appropriate) so that the PEAK LED lights only when the loudest sounds occur.
4. Make sure PATTERN SELECT is not lit.
5. Press SAMPLING.
6. Press BANK B so it's lit.
7. Press a pad that doesn't already have a sample assigned to it.
8. Play the external device (or sing into the mic). At the point you want to begin sampling, press SAMPLING.
9. At the point you want to stop sampling, press SAMPLING again.
10. Press the pad to hear your sample.