Juno-G: Why do my patches sound different in Performance mode?

Tags: performance,effects,patch,juno-g
In Patch mode, each patch or rhythm can utilize one MFX processor, one Chorus/Delay, and/or one Reverb. These effects can drastically change or enhance the sound of a patch.

In Performance mode, you're given a total of three MFX processors, one Chorus/Delay, and one Reverb. These effects must be shared by all sixteen parts. Because the Fantom S/X doesn't know which of the sixteen parts you want to apply the effects to, they're turned off by default. This may drastically alter the sound of your patches, and is especially noticable on guitar patches with distortion.

Fortunately, you can effectively "pull in" effects from Patch mode into Performance mode and apply them to your parts:

1. Press PERFORM. Select Performance PRST: 002 Seq:Template.

2. Press [F5] PART VIEW. Press [F6] PAGE until you see "PATCH" above [F1]. Press [F1] PATCH.

3. Highlight part 1, press [ENTER] to open the Patch List, select the desired patch, and then [ENTER] again.

4. Press [EFFECTS].

5. In the box labeled "Part", select "1".

6. Under OUTPUT, switch "A" to "PAT". The routing for part 1 will now reflect that of the patch assigned to it.

7. In the MFX1 box, switch "PRF" to "P 1". The effect for part 1 will now reflect that of the patch assigned to it.

8. If you'd like to pull in the Chorus/Delay and Reverb as well, in both the CHORUS and REVERB boxes, switch "PRF" to "P 1". You will have to manually adjust the amount of each in the fields directly to the left of each box.

The patch you selected on part 1 will now sound the same as it does in Patch mode.