VS-2480, VS-2400, VS-2400CD: Syncing an External MIDI Device Using MIDI Clock

Tags: midi,external,clock,sync

MIDI clock is primarily used to sync the VS recorder with drum machines and stand-alone hardware sequencers. When using MIDI clock, the VS is the "Master" and the external MIDI device is the "Slave". Therefore, the external MIDI device has to be set to receive MIDI clock information (usually a setting called "Ext Sync" or "MIDI Sync").

To generate midi clock from the VS, use the following procedure:

  1. Use a midi cable to connect the MIDI OUT of the VS to the MIDI IN on the external MIDI device.
  2. VS-2480: Press UTILITY.
    VS-2400CD: Press and hold SHIFT and then press F1
  3. Press PAGE to display SYNC over F6. Press F6[SYNC].
  4. CURSOR to the box labeled "MIDI Out Sync Gen" and select "MIDIclk" with the TIME/VALUE dial.
  5. Press F6[EXIT].
  6. Press PAGE to display TEMPO over F1. Press F1[TEMPO].
  7. CURSOR to the tempo value (next to "quarter note equals") and use the TIME/VALUE dial to set the desired tempo.
  8. Press F6[EXIT], followed by HOME[DISPLAY].
  9. Set up the drum machine/sequencer to slave to MIDI clock.