VS-2000CD: Capturing Audio from an Audio CD

Tags: cd,audio,vs-2000cd,capture,ripping
The VS-2000 can capture audio directly from an audio CD into selected tracks on a project.

1. Insert the desired CD into your CD burner.
2. Press the CD-RW Mastering button.
3. Cursor to "CDCapt" and press ENTER[YES].
4. In the CD Track box, highlight the track you wish to capture.
5. Cursor to the L-CH and R-CH Destination TRACK boxes and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the tracks you wish to place the CD capture.
6. Make sure the Capture To box says "to Zero", the CD TRACK CAPTURE OFFSET box says "Start of Track", and the CD TRACK CAPTURE LENGTH box says "Whole 1 Track". These are the default settings for those boxes.
7. Press F5 to select "OK" and begin the CD capture.
8. When you want to playback the capture, go to the tracks you captured it to , raise the faders and press PLAY.