HPi-7f: Saving Songs to USB

Tags: midi,usb,edit,flash,saving edited songs

Here are the steps to save a song to a flash drive on the HPi-7F:

1) Press the [X] button until you've returned to the home screen of the HPi-7F, displaying the song you want to save to USB.

2) Press the function button

3) Use the arrows to highlight the box that has a picture of a USB flash drive and says "File"

4) Press the circle button [O] to enter that parameter

5) Use the arrows to select the Save box

6) Press the Circle button [O] to enter this parameter

7) Use the up or down arrows so that the words beneath Destination say "Ext Memory".

8) Press the Circle button [O] to select the Ext Memory Destination

9) Name the file.  Use the up and down arrows to change each letter, and the left and right arrows to switch between letters in the name.

10) Use the right arrow until you've highlighted the box that says "Save Destination"

11) Use the up and down arrows to select the slot where you'd like to save the song.

12) Press the Circle Button [O] to execute.