BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Saving Speaker Modeling Settings

Tags: save,user,effects,patch,speaker,br-1180cd,br-1180,modeling
Use the following procedure to name and save edited speaker modeling settings:

1. With the speaker modeling block diagram in the display, press CURSOR to move the cursor to “NAME,” then press ENTER.
The speaker model name can now be edited.

2. Use CURSOR and the TIME/VALUE dial to input the name.

3. When you have finished inputting the name, press EXIT to go back one screen (the speaker modeling block diagram).

4. Use CURSOR to move the cursor to “WRITE,” then press ENTER.

5. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to select the speaker modeling write destination.

6. When you have determined the speaker modeling write destination, press ENTER.
When writing of the speaker modeling is finished, the speaker modeling settings screen returns to the display.