VS-2000CD: Backing Up to CD

Tags: memory,cd,backup,audio,save,vs-2000cd,cdr
It's important to back up your material regularly. Making a Backup copies the project to CD and allows you to reload it at any given time. Therefore, the projects that are backed up can be erased from the internal drive, freeing up space.

1. Insert the CD-R or CD-RW into your CD-R/RW drive.
2. Mark the desired project(s)with F6 to select which projects will be backed up.
3. Hold down SHIFT and press the F1[Project] button.
4. If "Backup" isn't visible above F1, press the PAGE button until it is.
5. Press F1 for "Backup" and the "Project Backup" screen should appear.
6. The Project titles should be listed in the Source Projects box. Cursor to the Verify box and turn the Time/Value dial to turn it "ON".
7. Cursor down to the CD Speed box and turn it to "Max". If you experience any problems, use a slower speed.
8. Press F5 to select "OK" and begin the back up process.
9. The message will be displayed, "CD-R Backup, Sure?", press the ENTER[YES] button to continue.
10. The message will be displayed, "Store Current?", press the ENTER[YES] button to continue. Press the EXIT[NO] button to cancel.

Note: If the back up is larger than a single disk, the VS-2000CD asks for the additional disks as needed