GT-6B: Using Sound on Sound (SOS)

Tags: gt-6b
Use the following steps to activate the Sound on Sound feature in the GT-6B:

1. Choose a desired patch to edit.

2. Press the REV/DLY button (not the REV/DLY pedal).

3. Turn the VALUE dial so that "Sound on Sound SOS" shows in the display.

4. The BYPASS/CTL pedal will now perform as the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedal, and the REV/DLY/SOS pedal will perform as the STOP/CLEAR pedal.

5. When you're ready to record, press the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedal and play your bass. In "high quality" mode you get about 3 seconds of recording time.

6. Use the REV/DLY/SOS and REC/PLAY/OVERDUB to stop and play back your new loop.