SE-70: Features

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The Roland SE-70 is equipped with a wealth of high-quality effects perfect for
guitars, basses, keyboards, or almost any other instrument. Here are the main
features of the SE-70:

- 35 crystal-clear effects ranging from Reverb and Delay to Chorus and Flange.
- 45 incredible algorithms including a 20 Tap Delay, 12 way Pitch Shifter, Hum
Canceler, 21 band Vocoder, Vocal Canceler and the ability to use 16 effects
- Discrete stereo algorithms, some of which have two different effects on each
side of the stereo field.
- Special instrument algorithms for guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals.
- Innovative guitar and bass synth mode for creating synth-like sounds from a
regular guitar or bass signal.
- 100 user programmable memory locations.
- Real-time control via MIDI and/or two expression and control jacks on the
- Built-in tuner, metronome and headphone jack.