DR-3: Copying a Style

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If you want to edit the contents of a Preset Style, you must first copy it to a User Style location (U001-U100). Use the following steps to copy a Style:

1. Press the EDIT button.

2. Press ENTER.

3. Press CURSOR > repeatedly until "COPY" appears in the display.

4. Press ENTER - "CPY SrcStyle:" appears in the display.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to select the STYLE that you want to copy. ("Src" is an abbreviation for Source).

6. Press CURSOR > once to select "DstStyle."

7. Turn the VALUE dial to select the destination for the STYLE that you want to copy -(U001-U100).

8. Press CURSOR > once - "Copy OK Press [ENTER]?" appears in the display.

9. Press ENTER - "Keep Power On! Now working" appears in the display while the copy completes.

10. When the copy is complete, press EXIT twice. The new copied Style is now available in the user location you chose in step 7.