GW-7: Saving a Performance

Tags: memory,performance,gw-7
The GW-7 can your store favorite settings in a performance memory for easy recall. There are 32 performance memory locations. Use the following procedure to save a performance:

1. Press FUNCTION.

2. Use the SELECT buttons to display "Write Perform?"

3. Press ENTER to display "Perform Num:Uf001."

4. Use the VALUE dial to select the desired performance memory destination (Uf001-Uf032), and then press ENTER.

5. Use the SELECT buttons and VALUE dial to input a name for your user performance.

6. Press ENTER to display "Write Sure?"

7. Press ENTER to save the performance.

NOTE: A performance memory will store the following settings:

- Music style
- Tempo
- Tone for the keyboard mode
- Effect (Chorus, Reverb)
- Band type
- Keyboard touch