VS-880EX: Updating the VS-880EX with SMFs

Tags: system,vs-880ex,update,version
The VS-880EX can be user-updated with Standard MIDI Files (SMF). The update is provided as 16 separate SMFs. The following tools are required:

* MIDI Sequencer that can load and play back SMFs
* MIDI Cable
* VS-880EX
* VS-880EX Update files

1. Connect the MIDI Out of the sequencer to the MIDI In of the VS-880EX.

2. Hold down CH EDIT (SEL) and STATUS on track 7 while powering on the VS-880EX. "System Update?" will be displayed.

3. Press YES. the message "Waiting MIDI-EX" will be displayed.

4. Load and play the SMFs "880EX_01.mid" through "880EX_16.mid" in sequential order. After all SMFs have been played into the VS-880EX, "Update SysPRG?" will be displayed.

5. Press YES. The message "Please Reboot OK" will be displayed.

6. Power off and back on the VS-880EX to complete the update.