MV-8800: Importing Bass Synth Patches via USB

Tags: mv-8800,bass,patches,mvf
Important Note for Windows Users: Make sure that any media players (Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.) are *not* open and/or running when accessing the MV's hard drive via USB.

1. Connect the MV-8800's USB port to an available USB port on your Mac or PC.

2. On the MV-8800, press DISK/USB.

3. Press [F3] (USB).

4. Press [F5] (CONNECT).

5. The MV-8800 asks "Save current Project before activating the USB connection?" Press [F5] (YES) to save the project, or [F1] (NO) if the current project is protected.

6. After a few moments, the MV-8800's hard drive mounts on your computer.
•Mac— A drive labeled "MV-8800HD" appears on the desktop
•Windows— Double-click "My Computer". A drive labeled "MV-8800HD" will appear

7. On the computer, open the MV-8800's hard drive and locate the USER folder within the root directory of the drive.

8. Open the folder containing the bass patches you've downloaded from the Roland website. (Their names end with "MVF"). Drag all these files into the USER folder on the MV-8800's hard drive.

9. Unmount the MV-8800's hard drive from your computer:
•Mac— Drag the MV-8800HD icon to the Trash icon
•Windows— Right-click on the MV-8800 drive icon inside "My Computer" and choose Eject from the drop-down menu

10. On the MV-8800, press [F5] (DISCONNECT).

11. Press IMPORT and then CURSOR LEFT until the root directory of the hard drive is displayed and the USER folder is visible.

12. Turn the VALUE dial to select the USER folder.

13. Press ENTER. The USER folder opens, showing the individual bass patches.

14. Press MENU, press [F2] (All Mark), and then ENTER. The MV adds a checkmark in front of each bass patch.

15. Press [F5] (IMPORT). When the MFX ASSIGN TO LIBRARY window opens, turn the VALUE dial to select a starting location for your bass patches in the MFX library. The patches will be imported to library beginning with the selected location.

WARNING: Importing overwrites any user patches you've stored at the selected locations within the MFX library. If you'd like to keep any user patches, select a different area within the MFX library for your new bass patches or make a backup of your current user patches for safekeeping before proceeding.

16. Once you’ve selected the destination for the patches, press [F5] (EXECUTE).

17. Press EXIT to return to Pattern or Song mode.