GR-55: Working with the Velocity Parameters

Tags: gr-55,tracking
After setting the sensitivity and pickup parameters properly, you can also adjust the velocity parameters. These parameters can help with ghost notes and improve inconsistent tracking results:

1. Press the EDIT button.

2. Press PAGE right to the select the SYSTEM tab.

3. Cursor to "GK SETTING," and then press ENTER.

4. Press PAGE left or right to the VEL (for "velocity") tab.

5. Cursor to one of the velocity parameters: Velocity Dynamics, Play Feel, Low Velocity Cut.

6. Turn the dial to adjust the value as desired.

Default settings:
  • Velocity Dynamics—5
  • Play Feel—3
  • Low Velocity Cut—5

For piezo pickup systems:

Godin SG
  • Velocity Dynamics—1
  • Play Feel—1
  • Low Velocity Cut—8

Godin LGXT
  • Velocity Dynamics—3
  • Play Feel—2
  • Low Velocity Cut—7

Brian Moore
  • Velocity Dynamics—2
  • Play Feel—2
  • Low Velocity Cut—8

Additional details regarding setting sensitivity and velocity parameters are listed on pages 10 and 75 in the GR-55 Owner's Manual.

The GR-55 Owner's Manual can be downloaded from our website for free at: