BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Creating a Rhythm Pattern

Tags: rhythm,pattern,br-1180cd,br-1180,drum
You can create patterns in the BR-1180 using a method similar to drum machine programming. Use the following procedure to create a pattern:


2. Cursor to “PTN,” then press ENTER.

3. Use the CURSORS and TIME/VALUE dial to set the rhythm pattern’s measure, count and time signature.

4. Press [REC].

5. Press [PLAY]. After a one-measure count-in, recording begins.

6. Play the drum kit by pressing the TRACK buttons:
[1] Kick
[2] Snare
[3] Closed Hi Hat
[4] Open Hi Hat
[5] Low Tom
[6] Mid Tom
[7] High Tom
[8] Crash Cymbal
[9/10] Ride Cymbal
[V-TRACK]+[1] Kick 2
[V-TRACK]+[2] Snare 2
[V-TRACK]+[3] Claves
[V-TRACK]+[4] Cow Bell
[V-TRACK]+[5] High Q
[V-TRACK]+[6] Metronome (Click)
[V-TRACK]+[7] Metronome (Bell)

7. Press STOP.

8. Press PLAY to hear your pattern.