RD-700: Bulk Dump

Tags: bulk,rd-700,dump
You can transfer the contents of Setups and the RD-700’s System Settings to an external MIDI recording device. This operation is called a “bulk dump.” Use the following procedure to save your settings:

1. Use a MIDI cable to connect the RD-700’s MIDI OUT connector to the MIDI IN connector of an external sequencer.

2. Press EDIT so it is lit. The Edit Menu screen appears.

3. CURSOR down to select “9.Utility.”

4. Use the LEFT/RIGHT CURSORS to display the "EDIT [Utility]" screen.

5. Use the CURSOR buttons to select “Bulk Dump SETUP.”

6. Press the RIGHT CURSOR.

7. Put the external sequencer in record mode.

8. Press the INC/YES button to begin the Bulk Dump. The message “Now, Executing...” will appear in the display.

9. After the Bulk Dump is finished, the display will indicate “COMPLETED” and then return to the Edit screen.

10. Stop the external sequencer and save the file for future use.