D-50: Bulk Dump - One Way

Tags: d-50
Normally the D-50 is looking for a handshake command in order to bulk dump data through MIDI. This is not a problem if you are using two D-50's, however, if you need to do a one-way dump (to a sequencer, for example) you will have to hold down the DATA TRANSFER button during the entire procedure to override the handshake command.

Use the following procedure to perform a ‘one-way’ bulk dump to a MIDI sequencer:

1. Use a MIDI cable to connect the MIDI Out of the D-50 to the MIDI In of the sequencer

2. Place the sequencer into record mode.

3. Press and hold the DATA TRANSFER button and while holding the button press KEY MODE [B.Dump].

4. Continue holding the DATA TRANSFER button and press ENTER.

5. Continue holding the DATA TRANSFER button until "Complete" is displayed on the screen.

6. Press EXIT to return to play mode.

Note: The D-50 must be set to the same MIDI channel when this information is reloaded.