SD-90, SD-20, SD-80: Differences in the sound between SD-Series and SC-Series Modules

Tags: sd-80,sd-90,sd-20
When Roland developed the new SD-series of MIDI sound modules, emphasis was placed on sound quality. The new SD series of sound modules features wavetables found in Roland’s latest series of popular synthesizers. In implementing this new technology, changes were made to the patches, banks and MIDI mapping. As a result, the new SD-series is not just an improvement over the SC-series hardware; it’s a whole new generation of sounds and effects. Files created with the SC-series may require re-configuring to mimic what was written for the SC device.

While the banks and effects can be changed to approximate those made for the SC-series device, the SD devices are truly different and you may find that some preferred sounds are changed or no longer available. Careful selection of SD series banks should provide suitable patches with the added benefit of high quality, realistic instruments.