VS-2480, VS-2480CD, VS-2480DVD: Syncing with an Akai MPC - Midi Clock

Tags: vs-2480,vs-2480cd,sync,vs-2480dvd,mpc
There are several ways to syncronize with an Akai MPC. The following is the procedure for using Midi Clock.

Note: When using Midi Clock for Sync, the VS recorder must be the Master. The VS will not slave to Midi Clock.

1. Press the UTILITY button.

2. Press F6, SYNC.

3. Cursor to the MIDI OUT SYNC Gen. box, and with the
Time/Value dial, select MIDIclk (Midi Clock).

4. Press F6 to EXIT.

5. Press the PAGE button to select Page #2.

6. Press F1, TEMPO.

7. Use the Time/Value dial to select the desired Tempo.
(the default tempo is 120.0 bpm)

8. Press the HOME/DISPLAY button to exit and return to the
main screen.

You must now make the settings in the MPC for: External sync, Midi Clock.