SPD-S: Notes on Importing Audio Files (.WAV/AIFF)

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The following guidelines should be used when importing .wavs or Aiff files:

• When you want to copy or save any audio file (WAV/AIFF) to a CompactFlash card, place it at the "root" (uppermost level) of the card. The SPD-S does not import any files from anywhere other than the root.

• When importing, the SPD-S recognizes a maximum of 100 audio files.

• File names that have more than eight characters will not appear properly.

• Make sure that a WAV file has a ".wav" extension and that an AIFF file has an ".aif" extension. The SPD-S does NOT recognize any files with other extensions.

• The SPD-S supports 8 or 16 bit samples. 24 bit samples cannot be imported.

• Sample rate conversion is not supported. Files are imported at the sample rate of 44.1 kHz. If any files with sample rates other than 44.1 kHz are imported, they will produce a deviation in playback pitch.

• Loop points set in AIFF files are disabled.

• If you try to import any WAV/AIFF file in a format that is not supported by the SPD-S, an error message of
"unsupported!" is displayed. No such file can be imported.

• No compressed audio files (WAV/AIFF) can be imported.

• It may be impossible to import audio files (WAV/AIFF) of an extremely short duration.