DR-670: MIDI Sync Settings

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The DR-670 can be used as a master clock or can be slaved to an external MIDI device:

1. Hold SHIFT and press PAD 14/MIDI.

2. Use the buttons to select "MID SYNC" in the display and use the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select the desired setting.

AUTO: The DR-670 will normally function as the master, but will switch automatically to slave mode if it is stopped and senses a MIDI Start message from an external device.

INT: The DR-670 will function as the master.

MIDI: The DR-670 will function as a slave device.

3. Hold SHIFT and press PAD 5/PATTERN PLAY to return to the Pattern Play mode.

Note: Sync mode settings are not saved. The setting is always reset to "AUTO" when the DR-670 is turned off.