D-70: Compatible Sound Cards

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The following sound cards were made specifically for the D-70. They are no longer available:

PN-D70-01 - The Global Collection which uses only internal D-70 waveforms
PN-D70-02 - This card is a parameter card designed to be used with the SN-SPLA-01
SN-SPLA-01 - This is a dedicated PCM card with many sampled synthesizer waveforms.
SL-D70-01 - This is a two card set including both a PCM Waveform card and a Parameter Data card.

NOTE: The SN-U110 series and SN-MV30 series cards were also compatible. The D-70 will only read the 1st Partial of any Tone on these cards so Dual, Detuned, Velo Mixed and Velo Switched Tones will only play back as Single Tones.

NOTE: The following cards, or individual card Tones, are not compatible with the D-70. SN-U110-10 Rock Drums is not compatible. The Rhythm Kits on SN-U110-02 Latin Percussion do not work but the individual Tones do. Finally the SN-U110-08 Synthesizer card has Tones that are already found in the D-70's internal ROM.

NOTE: The D-70 does not work with D-50 parameter cards. The D-70 uses RS-PCM sample playback as its synth engine while the D-50 uses LA synthesis technology.