F-20: How to use "Twin Piano" mode

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Twin piano is an exclusive Roland feature that allows 2 students to play at the same time, in the same pitch ranges.  Activating twin piano mode will split the piano down the middle, creating two separate 44-key mini pianos, each with their own middle C.

There are two modes of twin piano: pair, and individual.  During either mode of twin piano, the only sound available is the piano sound, for both sides.  

In "pair mode", both players will hear the entire piano, allowing them to play duets.  To activate pair mode:

1) Hold down both the key touch button and the piano button, and simultaneously press the C#6* piano key.

During "individual mode", the player only hears their own piano - allowing 2 students to share a piano for private practice To activate individual mode:

1) Hold down both the key touch and piano buttons, while simultaneously pressing the D6* key.

To cancel twin mode, simply press one of the TONE buttons.

*C4 refers to middle C, and each octave accounts for a number.  So C5 refers to one octave above middle C, C6 refers to two octaves above middle C, etc.  Refer to the picture below for a visual look at how to find "C#6" and "D6".