JUPITER-80: Performing a Backup

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Use the following procedure to back up your JUPITER-80's user information to an external USB flash drive.

Caution: Formatting the external flash drive is part of the backup process. Make sure you do not have any important data stored on the flash drive before proceeding.

1. With the JUPITER-80 powered off, insert the USB flash drive into the USB MEMORY port located on the left hand side of the JUPITER-80.

2. Turn on the JUPITER-80's power.

3. Press MENU.

4. Touch "Format USB Memory."

5. Touch "EXEC," and then press "OK."

6. When "Format USB Memory" appears, press "OK."

7. To backup your user information press MENU.

8. Touch "Backup," and then touch "EXEC." When the backup process is completed, press OK.