Fantom-G6, Fantom-G7, Fantom-G8: How to Record a MIDI Track using Internal Sounds

Tags: record,midi,fantom-g6,fantom-g7,fantom-g8,sequencing
1) Press STUDIO and then select the instrument that you want to use. (see How to Manually Select Internal Instruments for Recording)
2)Press SONG
3)CURSOR to a MIDI Track

Note- By default, you will see 8 MIDI tracks followed by the 24 Audio tracks and then the MIDI tracks resume with track 9. You can reorder tracks by mouse clicking on the up and down arrows located in the lower left of the display.

3)Press REC

Note- In record standby you can chose the Record Mode (MIX or Replace, the Count In, enable Loop recording and Input Quantize. For details about these settings refer to pages 222 and 223 in the Owner's Manual.

4) Press F8 (START) or press PLAY to begin recording.
5) Press STOP