R-09HR: Selecting the Record Mode

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The R-09HR can record in several different recording modes. WAV 24 bit recordings at 96KHz sample rate produce the highest quality available while the Mp3 modes are best for longer, less critical recordings. Use the following steps to change record modes:

1. Press the MENU button.

2. Press the PLAY (CURSOR up) or STOP (CURSOR down) buttons to choose "Recorder Setup."

3 Press REC.

4. Press PLAY or STOP to select "Sample Rate".

4. Press CURSOR right or left to select the desired Sample Rate (44.1 - 96KHz).

5. Press STOP to select "Rec Mode",

6. Press CURSOR left or right change the record mode - (WAV-24 bit, WAV-16 bit, MP3-320 kbps, MP3-224 kbps, MP3-192 kbps, MP3-160 kbps, MP3-128 kbps, MP3-96 kbps, MP3-64 kbps).
Note: For more details about the various record modes, see pages 34-36 in the R-09HR manual.

7. Press MENU twice to return to the main screen.

Note: Mp3's cannot be recorded at sample rates higher than 48KHz. 44.1Khz is the standard sample rate. If you select a sample rate higher than 48 KHz, you will not be able to select MP3 as the Record Mode.