VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Automix Realtime

Tags: vs-1680,vs-1880,automix,mixdown,realtime,vs-1824cd
Automix Realtime allows you to automatically adjust mixer settings while riding the faders during playback. This technique is quite beneficial when wanting to quickly change levels and pan positions on your mix.

Use the following procedure to perform a Realtime Automix:

1. Press the AUTOMIX button until lit. The top two rows (INPUT SELECT and TRACK SELECT) will begin to flash.

2. Hold down the AUTOMIX button while pressing any of the flashing lights. NOTE: Remember, flashing lights represent a specific Input or Track is enabled for Automix Write mode and is ready for any Automix recording to be written to it. It is recommended that any unnecessary tracks or inputs be disabled.

3. Hold down the SCENE button while pressing the REC transport button. NOTE: The upper right hand corner of the screen will alternate between Date and Time and "AUTOMIX REC."

4. Press the play button and adjust levels and panning while playing. NOTE: The number of Markers will change after you stop playback.