Fantom-G Main Board Setup

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When service techs / customers purchase a main board for replacement in the Fantom-G, they will receive a main board that is programmed for the Fantom-G6. If this is installed in a G7 or G8, not all of the keys will sound, so the following procedure is used to select the specific model for the main board (after it is installed):



1. Turn the unit’s power on while holding down the TEMPO and EFFECTS (ROUTING) buttons to enter Test Mode.

2. When the Test Mode Setup menu appears, release the TEMPO and EFFECTS (ROUTING) buttons.
NOTE: The Test Mode - TEST 1. VERSION CHECK begins when the progress bar reaches 100%.
At this point you need to force/page over to menu - TEST: 25 KEYBOARD
Use [SHIFT] + [>] RIGHT ARROW: to move to next test item.
Use [SHIFT] + [<] LEFT ARROW: to move to previous test item.
NOTE: Screen changes occur one or two seconds after the above button operations are executed. Do NOT press the buttons again during this interval. In other words, take your time.
Once you reach the TEST: 25 KEYBOARD menu, use the following steps to set the proper keyboard model:

1. While holding down [SHIFT], press the following buttons to specify the unit model setting.

[PAD TRIGGER]: Fantom-G6

[SOLO SYNTH]: Fantom-G7


NOTE: These buttons are located in the upper left corner of the keyboard.
After you finish this procedure, turn off the Fantom G and then power it back on.