VS-880EX, VS-880: Saving a VS-880EX Song For Use With the VS-880

Tags: export,vs-880,vs-880ex,convert
The VS-880EX allows you to save the song to an external hard drive/removable media drive for use with the VS-880. This proccess is called Song Export. Use the following procedure to export the song in VS-880 format:

1. Press SONG till display shows "Song Export?".

2. Press YES.

3. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select destination drive (select a SC:x option, where "x" is the SCSI ID of the external drive. Do not choose an "IDE" option - these are partitions of your internal drive).

4. Press YES. "ExportSong Sure?" is displayed. Press YES. "Store Current?" is displayed. Press YES to store the current version of the song, or press NO if you do not wish to store the current version.