VS-2480, VS-2480HD, VS-2480CD, VS-2480DVD: Importing a Song from an Earlier V-Studio

Tags: cd,export,import,backup,recover,convert,project,v-studio,earlier

You can use project IMPORT to restore song backup and archive data from the following VS recorders:

• VS-880/880EX

• VS-890

• VSR-880

• VS-1680

• VS-1880/1824/1824CD

• VS-2400CD/2480/2480CD

When you import a song from an earlier V-Studio, the VS-2480 converts it into a VS-2480 project. You can recover backed-up song data from a CD. After the VS-2480 imports the song, it’s loaded as the current project. The following steps will guide you through this procedure:

  1. Insert the CD containing the backed-up song data into your CD-R/RW drive.

  2. Press the PROJECT button.

  3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the ATAPI CD drive containing the song data--the selector box should be surrounding the ATAPI drive on the bottom of the project list.

  4. Press F6 (LIST).

  5. Press ENTER/YES to change drives. The VS-2480 will load the contents of the CD and display the songs beneath the ATAPI drive.

  6. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the song you would like to import and then press F6 to mark the song.

  7. Select the drive to which you want to import the song.

  8. If “IMPORT” is not visible above F3, press PAGE until it is.

  9. Press F3 (IMPORT)—the PROJECT IMPORT screen appears.

  10. Select the desired Recording Mode for the imported song.

  11. If the song has more than 18 tracks, the Import Track parameter allows you to select the set of tracks you’d like to import.

  12. Set Erase All Projects as desired. You can select:

          • Off—to add the imported song to projects already on the selected partition.

          • On—to wipe all other projects from the selected partition during importing.

  1. Set CD Speed to the maximum setting. If the import fails, lower the speed.

  2. Press F5 (OK) to import the marked songs—the VS-2480 asks if you’re sure.

  3. Press ENTER/YES to start importing.