G-1000, LVC-1N: LVC-1N set up

Tags: g-1000,lvc-1n
The LVC-1N Lyrics Video Converter makes it possible to display lyrics contained
in a Standard MIDI File on an external video monitor. Use the following
procedure to enable the G-1000 to transmit lyric data to the LVC-1N:

1) From the Master page, press F3 [MIDI].
2) While holding SHIFT, press F1 [Basic].
3) Press PAGE ^ / v to display "TX" in the left-hand menu bar.
4) Rotate the LOWER/NUMBER knob to display "Lyrics".
5) Press UPPER 2 to display "ON".
6) Press F5 [EXIT].

NOTE: These changes can be stored as part of a MIDI Set.