BR-1180, BR-1180CD, BR-8: Song Optimize

Tags: time,song,br-1180cd,br-1180,br-8,optimize
The SONG OPTIMIZE feature removes unwanted data from the hard drive permanently and allows that time to be recovered from those eliminated recordings. An example of unwanted data would be tracks that have been recorded over or edited via the TRACK CUT or TRACK ERASE functions. OPTIMIZE clears out the "undo" buffer in the recorder, so an UNDO cannot be performed directly after optimization (you must first record new material or perform another edit). If UNDO is performed directly after a song is optimized, the "No Data" error message will be displayed. OPTIMIZE is great for saving disk space, as it keeps all current recordings and song information while eliminating unwanted material.

1. Press UTILITY.

2. Press CURSOR RIGHT until the SONG icon is highlighted.

3. Press ENTER/YES.

4. Press CURSOR RIGHT until the OPTIMIZE icon is highlighted.

5. Press ENTER/YES.

6. When the "Optimize Song?" message is displayed, press

7. A "Complete!" message will be displayed when the optimize is finished.