VS-2000CD: Using an External Effect with the Aux Bus

Tags: input,track,external,effects,aux,vs-2000cd,bus
When setting up external loop effects (send/return effects), such as reverbs and delays, you will want to utilize the Aux buss.
First, check in the EZ ROUTING Output Assign screen and make sure the AUX bus is assigned to the AUX output. This is the the VS-2000's default setting.

1. Connect the VS-2000's AUX output(s) to the input(s) of your external effects processor. Then, connect the outputs of the processor to two unused inputs on the VS-2000CD.
2. Press the CH EDIT[MASTER] button. It should light orange.
3. Press the CH EDIT button or Input Select button for the channel you wish to send to the effects processor.
4. Cursor down the AUX 1 box, highlight "AUX 1", and press ENTER[YES]. This selects which AUX Send you're using to send the signal to the external effects processor.
5. Adjust the value in the AUX box to send the appropriate amount to the effects processor. Press HOME[DISPLAY] to Exit.
6. Raise the input level for the inputs you're using as a return from the external processor. You should be hearing the effected signal at this time through these inputs. To record the return signal, route those inputs to available tracks.

Note: If using a stereo input/track channel and you wish to use Aux 1 and 2 to an external effect with stereo inputs, then cursor to "PST" and press the ENTER/[YES] button. Cursor to the Bus Link box and turn it to "On" with the TIME/VALUE dial. Press ENTER[YES].