VS-880EX: Recovering from a backup CD?

Tags: backup,recover,vs-880ex
The Roland CD burner allows you to perform a CD-Backup and CD-Recover of your entire song back into the hard drive with all tracks and setting intact. This procedure creates a DATA CD that can only be read by Roland VS systems. You can select either one song to recover or ALL songs.

1- Press the SONG button until "CD-R Recover?" appears.
2- Press the ENTER/YES button.
3- Press ENTER/YES to respond to Store Current.
4- Insert the DATA CD to recover from and press ENTER/YES.
5- Turn the dial to select which SONG or ALL SONGS that
you want to recover.
6- Press the parameter Right (>>) button to select the CD
recover speed, which you can set to the highest number
possible which can depend on the Roland burner you are
6- Press ENTER/YES button and it will begin to recover.

IMPORTANT!!! If you are prompted to "INIT IDE:?" Answer with NO!!!!! Answering YES would mean "DO you want to ERASE your hard drive before recovering?"

Note: It is suggested to use CD-R's for backup rather than CD-RW disks, which are less reliable and not made for permanent backups.