GT-3: Incorporating an OD/Distortion Pedal into the External Send/Return

Tags: external,gt-3
Use the following procedure to set up an external Overdrive/Distortion within the Send/Return loop of the GT-3:
Note: This example uses the BOSS MT-2 distortion pedal.

1. Connect the SEND on the GT-3 to the Input of the MT-2.

2. Connect the Output of the MT-2 to the RETURN on the GT-3.

3. Press the OD/DS button on the GT-3 so it is lit.

4. Press PARAMETER right to select "Overdrive/Dist Type."

5. Turn the VALUE dial clockwise to select "EXT OD/DS." (This turns on the ext. loop).

6. Press the WRITE button to store the new settings to a User Patch.

Note: You need turn on the ext. loop for each user patch.