SP-606: System Update

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The SP-606 can be updated using a Compact Flash Card. You will need:

1. SP-606
2. 32MB or larger Compact Flash card.
3. SP-606 System Update .bin file
4. Compatible Computer with USB Port
5. USB cable.

Note: You should back up all User and Card data you may wish to keep before proceeding with the update.

The CompactFlash card will need to be formatted by the SP-606 before performing the update:

1. Insert the CompactFlash card into the SP-606.

2. While holding FUNC press Velocity Pad 5, "CARD UTIL."

3. Cursor down to "Card Format."

4. Press ENTER.

5. Press F3 "EXEC" twice.

6. Once the format is completed, press EXIT.

Update Procedure:

1. Connect the SP-606 to your computer using a USB cable.

Note: If prompted by the computer, insert the SP-606 Driver CD-Rom into the computer's CD drive. After the driver is installed, the computer may prompt you to restart. Restart the computer and resume update from this point.

2. Press MENU.

3. Cursor down to select "5:USB Mass Storage."

4. Press ENTER.

Note: The SP-606's memory card will now be mounted to the computer.

Note to Macintosh Users: A drive named "FUGUEFAT" will appear on the Desktop.

Note to Windows Users: A drive named "FUGUEFAT" will appear in My Computer.

5. Copy the "DCNAPL.BIN" update file to the main directory of the "FUGUEFAT" drive.

6. Eject the "FUGUEFAT" drive.

Note to Macintosh Users: You can eject the drive by dragging it's icon to the Trash.

Note to Windows Users: To eject the drive, right click on the drive icon in My Computer and select "Eject."

7. Press EXIT

8. Turn the SP-606's power off.

9. Power on the SP-606 and the update should begin automatically.

10. While the update is loading, the pads of the SP-606 will light up in a clockwise direction. This process will take about one minute.

11. When the update is complete, the 1-16 pads will flash simultaneously.

NOTE! Do not turn the power off until the update is complete.

12. Turn the power off.

13. Remove the CompactFlash card.

14. Turn the power on to resume normal operation.