ME-80: Activating the EXP Pedal Effects (Toe-end switch)

Tags: ac-3,effects,expression,wah

The on-board Expression (EXP) pedal can be used to control various effects in the ME-80. There are two EXP pedal modes available; Volume Mode and Pedal FX Mode. To activate the Pedal FX:

1. Place the ME-80 on a hard floor surface. 

2.  Place your foot on the EXP pedal and move it all the way toe-forward until the pedal stops, and then give it a strong press. The Pedal FX LED will light indicating that the Pedal FX have been activated. Continue to move the pedal forward and back to hear the effect. 

3. When you're finished, press the pedal toe-forward again and give it another strong press. The pedal will return to Volume mode.