U-220: Panning Sounds to Individual Outputs

Tags: u-220,output,direct
The U-220 has six outputs (MIX OUTPUT L&R, DIRECT OUTPUT1 L&R, DIRECT OUTPUT2 L&R). In addition to being assigned to a stereo pair of outputs, each part can also be assigned it’s own individual or "mono" output. In order to achieve this, each part must be panned "hard left" and "hard right." However, even if the sounds have been panned, the effects have their own stereo field that can make the sound appear to remain in the center even after it has been panned. The only way to get around this is to assign the sound to the "Dry" output, the "Dir" output or to turn the effects off.

Follow these steps to assign sounds to specific outputs:

1. Press the EDIT button.

2. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "Patch" and press ENTER.

3. CURSOR to "Prt" and press ENTER.

4. CURSOR to "Output" and press ENTER.

5. Use the PART/INST buttons to select the desired part.

6. CURSOR to "Assign" and use the VALUE buttons to select the desired output.

Output Options:
DRY = Mix output with no effects
REV = Mix output with reverb added
CHO = Mix output with chorus added
DIR1 = Direct output 1 with no effects
DIR2 = Direct output 2 with no effects

7. CURSOR to "Pan" and use the VALUE buttons to pan the part hard right or hard left.

8. Press the EXIT button repeatedly to return to the Play page.