Fantom X8, Fantom X7, Fantom X6: Layering Two Patches

Tags: fantom,x6,x7,x8
Multiple sounds can be layered together. Use the following procedure to layer Part 1 with Part 2:

1. Press LAYER/SPLIT so it's lit.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to select PRST: 01 Seq: Template.

3. Use the CURSOR buttons and the VALUE dial to place a checkmark next to Parts 1 and 2.

4. Press F2 (Part View).

5. Turn the VALUE dial to select PR-B 104 Warm Strings as the patch for Part 2.

6. Press the CURSOR buttons to highlight Part 1.

7. Turn the VALUE dial to select PR-A 003 Warm Piano.

8. Play the layered piano and string sounds on the keyboard.

Note: We've selected these two patches for demonstration purposes. You can layer any patches you like.