FA-66, FA-101: Pops, Clicks and Dropouts (Windows)

Tags: pop,click,noise,buffer,drop,dropout

Pops, clicks and dropouts are often signs of a buffer size issue. There are generally two buffer settings within a computer audio system:

  • The buffer setting in your audio interface (i.e. the FA-66 or FA-101) adjusts the INTERFACE's access to the computer's RAM (buffer).
  • The buffer setting in your recording software (e.g. Sonar, Pro Tools, Logic, etc) adjusts the SOFTWARE's access to the computer's RAM.

These two buffer settings are independent of each other; however, each affect the performance of your computer audio system.

Be sure to check the Audio Buffer Size setting within the FA-66 or FA-101 if there are noise issues and/or dropouts. Increase the buffer size until the problem goes away. The following procedure will guide you through these steps:


  1. Select "Control Panel" from Windows' Start menu.
  2. Double-click on the FA-66 or FA-101 icon to open the driver settings window.
  3. In the driver settings window, increase the Audio Buffer Size towards Max and then click "Apply".

NOTE: If the noise and/or dropouts continue, adjust the buffer setting within your software. As each manufacturer's software differs from version to version, please refer to the software's current manual or online help for the proper buffer size adjustment procedures.