S-760: S-760 Audio Drivers for the CD Player Function

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In an effort to support more CD-ROM drives with the CD-Player function, Roland added 7 additional drivers into the S-760’s system software versions 2.19 and higher. If your CD-ROM player does not work with the CD Player function, this system update may be able to support the drive by allowing you to try several common audio CD drivers.

* While you are performing the following procedure, it is possible that the S-760 or CD-ROM drive might malfunction, causing the S-760 to lock up. Be sure to save any data in the S-760 to disk before attempting this operation.

To Enable the CD-Player Function with the New System Disk:

1. Restart the S-760 with the new system disk (2.19 or higher).

2. Go to the System Mode, and select the SCSI page.

3. Set the CDP Drive Type to 1.

Using the CD-Player Function:

1. Insert an audio CD into your CD-ROM drive.

2. Go to the Performance Play page.

LCD + Front Panel

3. Press the Command button.

4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select 8: CD Player and press S1/Dec to display the CD Player page.

5. Press S1/DEC (list button). A list of the SCSI devices connected to the S-760 will be displayed.

6. Move the cursor to the SCSI ID of your CD-ROM drive and press S1/DEC (sel). The CD-ROM drive will be selected as the current drive.

CRT + Mouse

3. Click on Com (Command) in the right upper corner.

4. A list of Performance functions will be displayed. Click on CD Player to display the CD Player page.

5. Click on “CD-ROM” or “???”. A list of the SCSI devices connected to the S-760 will appear.

6. Click on the desired CD-ROM drive on the list. The CD-ROM will be selected as the current drive.

LCD + Front Panel & CRT + Mouse

7. The new driver that you have selected may be able to display Track, A-Time and P-Time when using the CDPlayer function. Try the CD Player function using the transport controls on the screen (if you are using a monitor) or the F2 button (if you are using the front panel and LCD). If the Track, A-Time and P-Time are not displayed or the functions lock up, try another audio CD driver, repeat the above steps, and try again.

After you find the correct driver for your CD-ROM be sure to update your System Parameters using the System Save/Load Parameters screen in the System Mode.

* Make sure to connect the audio outputs of your CD-ROM drive to the inputs of the S-760 to sample your audio CD.