HPD-10, Handsonic 10: Coach Mode: Time Check

Tags: metronome,handsonic,hpd-10,10,rythym
The Handsonic 10’s Coach Mode has six different practice exercises that can help improve your timing and playing abilities. Use the following steps to try out the "Time Check" exercise:

1. Press the COACH button.

2. Press the CURSOR up or down button until "TIME CHECK" appears in the display.

3. Press the button and begin playing along with the metronome. If you like, turn the Control knob to adjust the tempo for the rhythm. In the display, a large black dot shows where you're playing in relation to the tempo:

• When you're behind the beat, the large black dot appears closer to the "S" (for "slow").

• When you're playing ahead of the beat, the dot appears closer to the "F" (for "fast").

• When you play in time, the dot appears in the center, over the "+."

4. When you're finished, press the KIT button.