RC-30, RC-3: Clearing the Internal Memory (Factory Reset)

Tags: initialize,re-do,rc-3,rc-30

Use the following procedure to clear the RC-30 or RC-3 internal memory and reload their factory settings.

Caution: All User information is lost during a Factory Reset. Be sure to first back up anything you wish to keep before proceeding.

Begin with the power turned off.

1. Press and hold the WRITE and RHYTHM ON/OFF buttons and turn on the power by connecting a mono cable to the OUTPUT A(RC-3) or L/MONO (RC-30) jack.

2. Release the buttons, and then press RHYTHM ON/OFF again—"FN" flashes in the display.

3. Press WRITE  — "FN" flashes rapidly for approximately 10 seconds.

Note: Do not turn off the power while the display is flashing.

When the phrase number appears, the reset is complete.