PCR-30, PCR-50, PCR-80: Assigning Controllers

Tags: pcr-30,pcr-50,pcr-80
There are 25 knobs, buttons and sliders on the PCR-30/50/80 that can be assigned to almost any MIDI message. Check out Pages 108-129 of the Owner’s Manual for specifics on the different messages you can send and how to program them. As an example, let's assign the S1 slider to transmit MIDI Volume messages on MIDI Channel 3:

1. Press EDIT so it is lit.

2. Move the S1 slider to select it for editing — the screen displays 'S-1' — and then press ENTER.

3. Press the key with 'CONTROL CHANGE' printed directly above it, and then press ENTER.

4. Use the DEC and INC buttons or the numbered keys to select 3, for MIDI Channel 3.

5. Press ENTER.

6. Use the DEC and INC buttons or the keyboard to select 7, the controller number for MIDI Volume messages.

7. Press ENTER.

Some commonly used MIDI controllers are:

• 1—Modulation
• 5—Portamento (glide) Time
• 7—Volume
• 10—Pan
• 11—Expression
• 91—Reverb Depth